VHS — 24 Hours of YouTube

A video art rabbit hole

VHS is a 24-hour video art rabbit hole.

  • Start with YouTube’s first video

  • Pick a new video based on YouTube’s recommendations every few seconds

  • Record the next 24 hours onto VHS

20 years ago, television and video were distinct. What we watched on television was communal, while video was a private medium.

Today, watching television means watching videos, each of us tuning in for different ones at different times for different reasons. The videos are public but what we watch (and when and why) is private.

“VHS — 24 Hours of YouTube” records the act of watching television in 2021, making visible an isolated, hyper-personalized experience so that it may be seen collectively again.

The piece is made to be watched live as a 24-hour continuous installation. If you’d like to exhibit the piece (or know someone who might), please get in touch.

An 8-hour excerpt is available on YouTube, showing 4 of the 12 tapes used to record the piece:

“The content of any medium is always another medium.”
—Marshall McLuhan